MAKAA architecture

At Makaa, we create visionary architecture to create a new quality of space.

Our designs are both a consequence and driving force of transformation.

The concepts we develop are aligned with their surroundings, as a response to the fast-changing world. Our architecture is meant to be pleasant and safe to live in. Drawing from today’s knowledge, we can create practical, future-proof designs to cater to the latest requirements concerning our health and the environment.

Our concepts are smart and inventive.

Every design is dedicated to local conditions and needs.

Our architecture deftly balances between quality and economic feasibility. Expertise and technology are the tools we use to create buildings designed specifically for efficient resource management, profitability and easy maintenance.

MAKAA workshop

MAKAA was founded in 2010 by Katarzyna Waloryszak and Marcin Waloryszak, architects with over a dozen years’ experience and large projects implemented in Warsaw and Paris.

MAKAA is a team effort. We are craftsmen specialising in architecture designed to benefit both the user and the urban space and bring profits to the project owners.

We have developed our own individual working methods. We are a team of professional design engineers. The documentation we prepare is of excellent quality.

We have the expertise and experience in using the BIM technology for designing.

We carry out efficient interdisciplinary coordination. We cooperate with experienced discipline engineers working with BIM.

We have a reliable and experienced team of consultants to help us develop and review even the most complicated designs.

MAKAA Global responsability

We design spaces with great responsibility, thinking globally.

We are involved in the consultation of revitalisation efforts and review of revitalisation projects as part of the Revitalisation Committee of the Łódź City Office.

We write articles on contemporary architecture and development trends for architectural magazines, such as Architektura Murator, Magazyn Miasta.

Our office also carries out multi-disciplinary studies and analyses to determine the feasibility of new solutions to be incorporated into the project. We take into account factors such as comfort, social changes, competitiveness, implementation time, profitability and sustainable development of the Project. We work together with social, economic and technological bodies to assess the problems and benefits connected with the implementation of new solutions.