Architecture now

Architecture defines our care about space. Places, where we meet, rest and develop, where we encourage ourselves for work and what becomes shelter for us. Although it became business and circular economy, it still influences our moods and urban space transformations.

While designing nowadays, we must regard various relations between enviroment elements and their influences. We never design on desert island. Our ideas for architecture blossom from a local and global context. With arising speed of life and producing more goods, it became crucial to work out balance between different human’s needs. This is subtle balance between what we have already produced and what we wish to. Hopefully, more frequently, we come back to basic questions, like what we really need in our lives and why.

Visions are important for us, until they define ideas and express responsibility for future.


The company is led by Katarzyna Waloryszak and Marcin Waloryszak. We have gain our experience working on design and realization of business and individual investments.

We work in a team of architects, industry designers, professional consultants and project managers. We creative and we always stand for the best quality of our product. We set the design process individually, gathering interdisciplinary mediations between various sides that create successful investments and buildings. We are taking care of quality and business balance as well. Our method for the best design is constant research. We define our role as craftsmen for architecture, that is to bring profits to investors and have a positive impact on users and cities.


Our workshop is a home for design process. Primary this is meant to be a space for creative conversations over architecture and urban planning.

As the concept stage is always full of creative talks, research, drawings and making models, than the execution design is way of finding the best systems and solutions for achieving this, what makes the expected quality of design. We put on mind how to optimize the investment, being respectful for business and circular economy.

Everyone is invited to cooperation and visiting our place!