LocationLodz, PL
Floor area32000 m²
ProgramOffice, Restaurants, Retail, Culutural functions

The vision of the project was inspired by the history of the Łódź vodka factories, and the limitations resulting from the complicated layout of the plot of land became a factor which ultimately shaped the bodies of the new buildings and the space between them.  The priority of the conceptual assumption was for the form of the new buildings to serve as a background for the historical monuments, while at the same time forming a distinctive architectural complex along with them. The new buildings were to mingle between and above the historic ones like a delicate mist, complementing the existing narrow alleyways winding through the terrain, or creating little urban squares at their ends.  Top class historic monuments determine the expectations with regard to the quality of the new construction. The shape of the building, each line forming its body, thus require exceptionally thorough work to create a form satisfying those assumptions. The innovativeness and splendour of the early 20th century monuments is juxtaposed with state of the art modern technologies and approach in the design of architecture.