LocationGdynia, PL
Floor area250 m²

The house on an embankment, located in a beautiful landscape thickening around the building, has been designed as an interlocking construction of two blocks.  The Chwarzno district of Gdynia, nestled in the Tri-City Landscape Park, consists to a large extent of picturesque moraine elevations cut through with gorges and forests with undergrowth. In the vicinity of the new housing development, among the existing farms, a new area is beginning to appear intended for detached houses. The plot where the project is located is situated in an embankment facing south. The difference in elevations in the direction of the slope is around 4m. These atypical conditions, as well as the unusual panorama which stretches down into the valley, have become the reason for seeking the form which could most fully interpret the existing state. The investor expected a clear division of function, compact but with the potential to separate it into two homes in the future. The idea behind the building can be described by the 69 logo. The concept of the house consists of creating a simple composition which define the function, and an arrangement of the function which defines the form.  The volume of one part interlocks with and complements the other. The intertwining forms are visible both indoors and out. The house opens on to the south. The body as a whole is maintained in an unintrusive aesthetic of white walls referring to Gdynia’s modernism. The façade is complemented by the glass elements of the wall cladding and joinery. The dynamics of the body, its dialogue with the surroundings and with the shape of the terrain, provide an impression of cohesiveness despite the explicit forms. This dialogue of seeming contradictions creates a unique space which does not overwhelm., but rather makes full use of the potential and emphasises the benefits of the location.