LocationSarnowa Gora, PL
Floor area350 m²

The open landscape of the Mazovian countryside, broad, rolling fields stretching to the horizon and the characteristic willow avenues form an exceptional backdrop for this project. The idea for the house is based on the metaphor of a roof as shelter. The walls thus stand for support, not sealing of the outside.  The oblong plan of the building corresponds to the volume of the neighbouring enclosure. The proportions of the block suit its surroundings perfectly. Its linear form flows into the distant line of the horizon. Almost completely open to the south, it is bound from the north by a massive wall, into which have been cut narrow apertures framing the views of the rural landscape stretching out towards the horizon. The structure of the house is shaped by the division into different types of zones as part of the modules used. Day and night zones can be discerned along the horizontal line of the building. We have also included a division into “three houses”, each intended for a different generation of the family. Another basic idea was the arrangement of intertwining house and garden zones, with the indentation of the terrace area into the interior. The house is a place of tranquillity for its inhabitants, but at the same time provides possibilities to stand apart and remain independent. It focuses the essence of the hearth in its unassuming interiors. At the same time it is in a constant dialogue with the nature surrounding it.